Where to stay in Chiang Mai – The Inside House

Situated in the heart of Old Town Chiang Mai, The Inside House contains an unexpected serenity that contrasts the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets.

The lush green of various plants outline the stark white sino-portugese style architecture and add a homeliness to its exterior. The homeliness is then supplemented by a cold drink and towel – pretty much a necessity in the heat of Chiang Mai in February!

Upon checking in, there were Thai desserts to replenish our travel-weary bodies and we were told that both breakfast and high tea during the day were free. The concept of free high tea was new and VERY exciting for us so from the onset we scheduled our exploration times around breakfast and high tea meals!

Each room in The Inside House comes with its own unique features – however for this stay, we were in the Doi Suthep room which was one of the larger rooms that featured a gorgeous glass-walled pool next to the bed. (If you want the same effect for less cost, the glass pool suite is also a great option!)

Final glance at the room

As I was quite sick during the experience I could not explore Chiang Mai, but the upside was that we were able to fully experience The Inside House! The worst part of the experience was when we watched too many korean zombie movies (korean zombies are the ones where the zombies RUN) and the feverish nightmares about zombies began. Seriously. Don’t watch korean zombie movies when you have a fever.

I wasn’t however, sick enough not to make a complete jack*ss of myself in our private pool. We discovered refraction was truly a first world problem for instagrammers…

In the end, the one who was actually sick was Champs (hubby) who was sick of my shit.

Me: I’m sick *cough*
Also me: Swims in the cold pool for ages doing stupid shit like this.

However, all was forgiven when high tea came out (because he’s a sucker and will do anything for food). Especially because it was free (because he’s asian).

We loved our experience at The Inside House, Chiang Mai and would likely jump at the chance to stay there again when we’re next in the area. Here are some important things to consider before booking your stay;

Price: $600pn (AUD)

  • Overall stay exceeded expectations
  • Food was not amazing here but breakfast and high tea were complimentary (in-room and at the common dining area)
  • Location of The Inside House was good but it is still around 10-15min to walk to some of the main parts of Old Town
  • Size of the Doi Suthep room was very spacious for two people BUT there was no spot to put our suitcases so we put them on the floor and stepped over them while we walked around
  • Bathroom soaps were from L’Occitane (for those who care)
  • Free water supplied everywhere around the hotel so there was no need to buy the massive ass water bottle we got below!

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