Taking photos at White temple (Wat Rong Khun), Chiang Rai

Social media is filled with beautiful photos of many tourist attractions. However, they are not always as they are in those photos as digital artists and bloggers may photoshop these images to create their content pieces. This article does not condemn either approaches (I have photoshopped people out of my photos before!) but rather brings some transparency to a very crowded tourist attraction I recently visited in Chiang Rai.

Here are some videos to show the crowds at 11am (GMT+7) during February:

It’s damn near impossible to get a photo due to the crowds, and there are guides with speakerphones who will ask people not to dawdle while walking across the bridge to the temple.

If you are looking for a quiet spot, the areas down the side of the temple are generally quiet until people see you taking photos! We took a while figuring out the framing of the photo which meant we were stuck waiting for a while as other people stood in the background. Luckily I have the most patient photographer in the world – you can even see him grinning as he takes the photo!

On a final note, White Temple is a beautiful sight regardless of whether you are able to to take a photo or not! Crowds are a bit cray cray but it’s all part of the experience. Don’t let them ruin your visit!


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