Photospot: Bronte pools

Whilst Bondi reigns supreme on bucket lists of tourists visiting Sydney, its unassuming little sister, Bronte, lies a short distance down the coast.  It isn’t known for its vast expanse of sand or bustling frenzy of locals and tourists alike, Bronte has its own easygoing charm, with locals coming and going as they please.

With all the rocks in the area, its perfect for a picnic on the rocks. My partner in crime ( and I hopped onto the biggest tallest rock we could find and laid out our feast from Black Star Pastry.  It was the perfect spot for our romantic little picnic.

Unfortunately, our picnic spot was a tad unthoughtful.  After we finished snapping our pics and eating our feast, the tide had risen high enough to become problematic to climb back with all our picnic gear.  (Note: Make sure to get off the distant rocks at Bronte before sunset!) A group of locals watched over our picnic gear while we scrabbled to beat the tide back to the shore.

That was the day when we had the glorious sunset because of the back burning for bushfires – a silver lining for everything, right? It was suddenly a frenzy with each of us yelling at the other to pass the camera because we had spotted a great photo op! A group of tourists watched us with incredulous laughter – “these girls have got to be insane” (..they weren’t wrong!).

Our day set with a peacefulness that contrasted with our vigorous photo taking, and we hauled our weary asses back towards the city for a quiet dinner.  We contemplated our surprise at how photogenic Bronte was, and made plans to come back in summer for more crazy photos.


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