Bubble Tent – Capertee Valley NSW, Australia

There’s nothing quite like an experience in a bubble tent no matter where in the world you are. And yet again, there’s nothing quite like an experience in a bubble tent overlooking the second widest canyon in the world.

Getting to the location is another adventure in itself as we drove through privately owned farm land to get to our particular tent, Virgo. Red dirt billowed up as we drove as quickly as we could across the gravelled road. The view was stunning – and it made us all the more impatient to get to our destination and soak in the beauty.

We made friends with sheep along the way and even tried communicating with the more vocal ones…

Let’s be friends?

Some aspects of the bubble tent were very well thought out, with hot tea, eye masks and bath towels provided. Given that there was a trade off for the fabulous view with brightness of the surroundings, we made good use of these during our stay.

Within 10 minutes, we managed to leave all the parts of the tent unzipped and deflated the whole thing! Luckily for us, the tent had a constant air supply inflating each of the three parts of the tent and within another 15 minutes, the tent was at its full capacity again.

\Another thoughtful aspect of the stay was the reflective cover that sat over the clear tent for when it was too bright or too hot. This worked quite well for brightness but during the daytime in May (when we went) it became too hot to stay in the tent.

Some of the unique features of the Virgo tent was the love swing, outdoor wood-fired bath tub, and the climate control. The fire for the bath tub was difficult to start as May was a colder time of year with some rain but nevertheless beautiful.

There are definitely some considerations to make in regards to the best time of year to go. Not to state the obvious, but the colder seasons are more rainy, cold and windy. This is generally okay in other types of accommodation but definitely makes a big difference when staying in a bubble tent that is exposed to the elements. We spent the two nights inside the tent wide awake as we thought the bubble tent might pop from the pressure of the wind!

Another consideration is that while the bubble tent is indeed pretty, it is still a camping experience, and a shower area is substituted by a rinsing station that pours cold water over you. Also, the toilet is a hole filled with mulch for the duration of your stay.

Nevertheless, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and whilst we would take these considerations into account the next time we think it’s something that people should experience at least once in a lifetime. Creature comforts that we take for granted do not seem to be as important when faced with the unique sunrises of Capertee Valley.

The lowdown:

  • As we are not the camping type, this is an experience we would not do again due to the lack of basic facilities like a shower or toilet. However, it was a great experience to have and we were glad to have witnessed the beauty in the accommodation.
  • Go in the spring or autumn time so it is not too windy and cold or overheated
  • Avoid rain if possible. It makes everything difficult! Even leaving the property, our car was skidding on the slick mud and we had to be towed up the hill!

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