Avengers: Endgame – Media event (no spoilers)

I was thrilled to be invited to the special event screening of Avengers: Endgame (through my management Ministry of Talent) which showed a day before the launch date 24th of April 2019. This article details the experience of the media event itself as well as thoughts on the movie Avengers: Endgame.

It’s hard to know what to expect with most media events – sometimes they are quite flashy and involve a lot of decor and theming. For the Avengers: Endgame special event screening, there was no need. This Marvel franchise sells itself. All in attendees were real Avengers nerds (including me!).

Some extras from this event included a photo opp against the movie poster, free drinks, choc tops and popcorn. And yes, the movie was also free!

This movie is three hours long – which means if you have an overactive bladder or you’ve only paid the babysitter for two hours, get yo sh*t together and prepare yourself. It starts with a bit of a recap to refresh your memory from the last events of Infinity War and gradually ramps up the action. I felt the first hour started to drag on a bit whilst the substories were still coming together but this all changed when the second hour hit.

Each character played a pivotal role in tugging heart strings. There were moments of uncontrollable laughter and moments where I shed a few tears of sadness.

Even Thanos, who is portrayed as a murderous megalomaniac seemed harmless once he had achieved his goal. We saw a glimpse of Thanos’ complex nature during Infinity War when he lost “someone he loved”. Endgame takes this one step further and reveals more of this character during some crucial moments.

Even avid fans and theorists will be surprised in some way during Endgame – the quirks of the movie are unpredictable and although each character was typecast into a stereotype from prequels, the writers managed to break them out of these moulds in astonishing ways.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor is one of these heartbreakingly hilarious characters as he finds his purpose during the movie and makes peace with his past. All of us have felt some semblance of his angst at some point in our lives and it makes for some brutally humanising moments.

Avengers: Endgame is definitely a superhero movie (last time I checked, anyway), but still manages to touch ever so subtlely on some key themes in society. Whilst Marvel movies have been predominantly male focussed, there is a final nod to female empowerment during the final scenes as they assemble together to face the enemy.

Fans will already know that the post-credit scene is the bread and butter of Marvel movies. However, there is no post-credit scene which left most of the cinema sitting there waiting for more. There is however a stinger at the end that echoes through the final credits – the resounding sound of a hammer on metal. Whilst it is certainly the end of that final battle, does this really signal the end of the Avengers? I hope not – but that’s something I’d be excited to see.


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