A Stay at Park Hyatt Sydney – Media trip

Disclaimer: We were invited to stay with Hyatt Hotels hosted by Park Hyatt Sydney and are not required to post or write about this experience. Any opinions from this experience are my own. However, this is not an experience open to the public as it was a media trip.

Adventures always begin with a bit of mystery, and for us it came in the form of a cryptic invitation from Hyatt Hotels and hosted by Park Hyatt Sydney. It contained the general date of our stay and transport options, but also came with a curious question.

Which of these would appeal to you most?

  1. Cool Zen in the mountains
  2. Intimate tropical sanctuary
  3. Waterfront home away from home
  4. Trend-setting fashion hub
  5. Old capital brimming with history

As I responded with ‘Waterfront home away from home’ I wondered with excitement how this might influence our stay.

On first glimpse of the room, we noticed the plush sheets, premium toiletries from Le Labo, and most importantly a Toto toilet! (Toto toilets are high tech toilets that have almost everything you could think of – music, bidet, warm seats, and automatic toilet seats.)

Closer inspection revealed gifts scattered around the room – each was a well thought out gift from Park Hyatt Sydney and sister hotels from Kyoto, Niseko, Auckland, Seoul Gangnam, and Uluwatu.

There was a game of Monopoly to pass our leisure time, manuka honey and skincare, a lava stone bracelet, face masks, premium organic tea and a mesh tote bag to carry it all! Of course, much flatlaying ensued.

Our first event of the day was a gorgeous picnic set in The Guest House of Park Hyatt Sydney. An intricate arrangement of fruit platters, pastries and delicate desserts adorned the linen draped over the table. Our group quickly descended into chatter of excitement over the day ahead.

With full stomachs, we ventured to one of Sydney’s secret islands. Although the air rang with the laughter of our group another voice joined us – the kookabura. This island seemed so perfect and untouched. Most of us were in awe wandering up and down the small beach while listening to the wildlife that called this place home.

The night brought a hush over our evening with all waiting for the night’s mystery to be unveiled. It all began with a knock on the door of our suite – we were to be taken to a secret location to celebrate our night.

As we ascended to the rooftop level, soft jazz music filled the air accented with the clink of glasses. Our host popped her head out the door and welcomed us to the Sydney Suite.

In an almost cartoon-like manner, my jaw dropped. The view was incredible. Floor to ceiling windows with a large balcony made the most of the location. Even through the haze of the night, the Sydney Opera house shone brightly across the harbour.

Each room bore jaw-dropping views and like the gifts from the hotels, there were canapes scattered throughout the rooms. A noteworthy canape here were the oysters in the large circular bathtub. Paired with vinegar and sparkling wine – my favourite!

Finally, it was time for speeches and the announcement we had all been waiting for. The Hyatt Group were opening over 20 new hotels under the Hyatt, Alila and Andaz brands for 2020. Each thoughtful gift we received in our rooms were from a handful of these hotels opening throughout the year. Furthermore, we were each receiving 2 night stays at one of these hotels. This was related to the cryptic question we received at the beginning of our journey.

Waterfront home away from home“. This could not be more true for me. To this day, Auckland holds a special place in my heart as my birthplace. I was excited to see that Park Hyatt Auckland would shortly open to the public and we were lucky enough to receive accommodation for a couple of nights.

As the night wrapped up, a surprise dessert showcase was performed with an empty table transforming into a masterpiece before our eyes. Unfortunately, my lofty goals to eat each unique dessert on the table were unmet but everything I had was delicious. We retired with our stomachs full (starting to see a pattern here) and left to go to our rooms.

As early risers, we were one of the first to visit the whirlpool on the rooftop. The spa warmed us as we watched the sky brighten and (yes) took photos with the spectacular backdrop of the opera house. The Hyatt experience had been an out of ordinary one, and an adventure we would not forget for a while.

The newest Hyatt Hotels;

Andaz Seoul Gangnam
Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono
Park Hyatt Kyoto
Park Hyatt Auckland (Opening Q2 of 2020)
Alila Villas Uluwatu


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